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"The term sports rehabilitation means the targeted athletic training of the body with reference to certain muscle groups after injuries in the event of damage to joint and muscle groups due to incorrect or excessive loads. The goal is always the professional or athletic restoration of people in order to restore their original performance reach."
(Teaching script "Basics of sports rehabilitation)


5 FACTUM® devices & Tramp Trainer TT®
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Professional sports rehabilitation

Back to training. Whether dancer, athlete or professional soccer player - where job and life revolve around sports, the focus is on the functionality of the body. But an injury happens quickly. Even small sport accident such as a tendon strain can lead to the end of a career. Or a limited quality of life. It doesn't have to be that way. A professional sports rehabilitation increases the chance of giving athletes back what is vital for them after an accident: the efficient body. Sport can develop infinite strength - so can professional sport physiotherapy. Discover the SPORTS REHAB SOLUTION from FREI: Innovative medical solutions for sports rehabilitation and physiotherapy.


FACTUM® medical training devices help you strengthen your muscles to maintain your mobility. Progressive strength training, beginning with very low resistance and controlled increments, is a key benefit of the exercise. No recoil or weight rests on the body, which makes training extremely safe – the movement can be terminated at any point. Easy release of the load ensures a positive training experience. Increasing muscle strength directly drives functional performance improvement. The isometric pre- and post training-testing evaluates all of your improvements and results. There is a choice of 9 devices, compatible for training analysis with our FREI GUIDE test and training system.

GENIUS ECO® medical training devices complement the training circuit with their high-quality and unique usability for all muscle groups. The perfect MTT device series: physiologically tailored, easy to use, with low weight gradations. There is a choice of 15 devices, compatible for training analysis with our FREI GUIDE test and training system


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