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According to current figures, there are around 270,000 strokes and 262,000 traumatic brain injuries annually in Germany alone, which often lead to permanent disabilities. For example, around 25% of stroke patients still have severe restrictions on their everyday activities three months after their first stroke.
Whether it's a stroke or a traumatic brain injury - the number of neurological injuries is alarmingly high. The same applies to protracted functional consequential damage. After receiving acute medical care, affected patients are often faced with the difficult task of having to learn to live their lives anew. Step by step.


5 FACTUM® & 2 Coordination devices
EQuipped with our FREI GUIde

Innovative Device Concept

Neurorehabilitation offers the decisive support for this. Physical skills are gradually acquired again in order to regain active participation in everyday life as much as possible. FREI's NEURO REHAB SOLUTION supports you in treating your patients as best as possible. With innovative device concepts - developed for optimal neurological function therapy. And the chance for a self-determined life afterwards.
FREI medical has the perfect NEURO REHAB SOLUTION with it's FACTUM medical training devices. We offer the needed wide range of options to retrain and activate muscles and repair functional damage. Find out more.


FACTUM® medical training devices help you strengthen your muscles to maintain your mobility. Progressive strength training, beginning with very low resistance and controlled increments, is a key benefit of the exercise. No recoil or weight rests on the body, which makes training extremely safe – the movement can be terminated at any point. Easy release of the load ensures a positive training experience. Increasing muscle strength directly drives functional performance improvement. The isometric pre- and post training-testing evaluates all of your improvements and results. There is a choice of 9 devices, compatible for training analysis with our FREI GUIDE test and training system

GENIUS ECO® medical training devices complement the training circuit with their high-quality and unique usability for all muscle groups. The perfect MTT device series: physiologically tailored, easy to use, with low weight gradations. There is a choice of 21 devices, compatible for training analysis with ourFREI GUIDE test and training system.


The new high-energy induction therapy

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