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FREI emPact

With our new high-energy induction therapy, FREI medical offers specialized protocols for highly optimized therapy during training. The application of FREI emPact therapy can take place before, during, and after an active training session. It supports and optimizes the treatment success of many indications. The muscles and structures are activated, stimulated and mobilized.

The First High Induction
Training Therapy!

Highly Optimize YOUR Therapy

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  • Can be combined with FREI medical training equipment as well as functional training
  • Improvement of posture, mobility and gait pattern
  • Improvement of blood circulation, reduction of swelling and inflammation
  • Relaxation of the musculature as well as breaking of protective tensions after e.g. injuries
  • Higher intensity of the training feeling and optimization of the training success


Supports passive treatment therapies as well as optimal preparation for active therapy and training measures. Depending on the indication, the targeted use of the FREI emPact stimulates structures, reduces inflammation and swelling, improves mobility and activates muscles.


During training, treatment with FREI emPact can achieve fast improvements in strength and coordination. Training results are optimized, especially in cases of pain, arthritic changes and movement restrictions. Application with
FREI emPact increases muscle activity.


The targeted use of the FREI emPact supports the regeneration of muscles and stressed structures after successful training. The improvements achieved in restrictions and complaints are sustainable.

FREI emPact

Use electromagnetic therapy with FREI emPact in combination with your patients‘ training therapy. The FREI emPact programs specially developed by FREI medical offer a wide range of treatment options
to improve the well-being of your patients.