Series details

FACTUM® novus II: Analysis and training equipment Compact combination devices Elegant equipment design Convenient touch screen operation Computer-assisted training to save time Extra-quiet... VIEW PRODUCT

Leg trainer

Leg trainer with concentric / concentric form of exercise This form of exercise creates a whole new training feeling while extending and flexing the legs. The person performing the exercise pushes... VIEW PRODUCT

Shoulder trainer

Shoulder training deluxe The training of the shoulder trainer is incomparably comfortable. The training arm moves in perfect sequence. Entering and exiting are ingeniously simple: sit down and stand... VIEW PRODUCT

Chest and posture trainer

The mindful way to train posture Unique FREI patent: the independent system. Equal loads are applied independently to the right and left arms. Here the stronger side does not help out the weaker side... VIEW PRODUCT

Rowing machine / chest press

Perfect training partner Our rowing machine / chest press offers a unique, calm and flowing motion sequence – no repositioning or jerking. Perfect pivot point adaptation is possible thanks to the... VIEW PRODUCT

Abdominal and back trainer

Harmony in balance The abdominal / back trainer maintains a balance of power for training that is gentle on the spine, which means no spinal compression. The freely mounted training arm closely... VIEW PRODUCT

Torso rotator

Controlled rotation Our torso rotator is a special compact device: the shoulder section is not secured from above. This means the person training has to stabilise themselves. For older people in... VIEW PRODUCT

Lateral trainer

Harmonious side change Our lateral trainer sets itself apart with shoulder pads that move far apart, among other features. This makes getting in and out very easy and comfortable. The individually... VIEW PRODUCT

Knee flexor/ extensor

Clever combination The knee flexor / extensor does precision work. Weight fine-tuning is made possible by the concentric resistance system. For certain indications, training in the closed chain is... VIEW PRODUCT