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Our best example for the successful combination of design and functionality. Comfortable training for all age groups thanks to the narrow guiding element and the settings from the training position. The LEG TRAINER is available in two versions: with continous narrow guide or alternatively as “LEG TRAINER PLUS” with interrupted guide and easy to enter!

    Comfortable training for all AGES

    • The linear guide, which is fully enclosed, runs on ball bearings which makes it quiet and smooth running
    • Ideal entry thanks to the narrow linear guide and the handle on the tower
    • Optimum seat height of approximately 50 cm for orthopaedic patients


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      • Made in Germany
      • Classic timeless design
      • Concentric / eccentric workout
      • Compatible with software-based test and workout systems
      • Easy operation
      • Biomechanical adapted workout
      • Safe and controlled movements
      • Continuous development of equipment features
      • Line comprises 20 devices

      OPTIONs LEG trainer

      • Hydraulic weight plate damping - before they make contact, the weight plates are dampened by the hydraulics which avoids a loud impact. This system reduces strain on the load cable, cable pulleys, bearings and pins – a FREI invention
      • Pivot slot set (2 pieces) for mounting on the foot plate
      • Movement limiter
      • Lordosis pad
      • Position aid prevents the feet from sliding on the foot plate
      • Therapy aid to stabilise the legs during training, for patients with leg paralysis or limited leg functionality
      • Analysis and training system


      Leg Trainer plus Datasheet     PDF Downloaden

      Color Chart Datasheet             PDF Downloaden