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We all need a strong back – in order to achieve this, many people first have to train through the pain and build up their back musculature. This is achieved in our BACK TRAINER with safe and guided exercises. 
Also available as combination device.

    Build strong back muscles

    • Anatomical lordosis pad
    • Physiological force curve
    • Movement limiter
    • The initial position of the movement arm is easy to adjust using the ingenious blade-in-blade system – a FREI medical invention.
    • Advantage: training automatically begins in the right position along the physiological force curve
    • Continuous seat height adjustment
    • Individually adjustable movement arm with back roll
    • Continuously variable footrest
    • Pelvic restraint for back extension
    • Weights adjustable from the training position


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    • Medical device class I
    • Made in Germany
    • Compatible with software-based test and training system FREI GUIDE
    • Easy operation
    • Biomechanical adapted workout
    • Safe and controlled movements
    • Hydraulic weight plate damping
    • Classic timeless design
    • Line comprises 21 devices

    OPTIONs BACk trainer

    • Hydraulic weight plate damping – a FREI invention
    • Movement limiter
    • Automatic seat height adjustment in combination with FREI GUIDE analysis and training system
    • FREI GUIDE analysis and training system
    • Also available as medical device class Im CE 0123, measuring technology included


    Color Chart Datasheet       Download