Everyone enjoys treatment in well-appointed premises.

The equipment and rooms you need are clear – now we proceed to computer-assisted planning, naturally in 3D.

Your floor plan is imported to our PC program. We then install and position the selected equipment in a correct scale. The arrangement of devices is intended to permit ergonomically sensible training sequences and at the same time to create a pleasant ambience for therapy and training.

We join with you in clarifying any outstanding questions that emerge with regard to fitting out the therapy space:

  • Where to place the reception?
  • What routes will people take through the practice?
  • What space does the equipment need?
  • Should there be plans for a gymnastics area?
  • Which regulations has have the associations/the legislator issued (size of treatment rooms, space for falls behind treadmills, etc.)?

We will discuss with you all the important structural requirements to make ideal use of your premises. We are also happy to coordinate measures with your architects
or to help the electrician position the sockets correctly in the training area.

This produces a detailed plan for your facility, based on your individual wishes and requirements.