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For effective training of the leg flexion musculature, overstraining the ligaments in the knee should be avoided. FREI medical achieve this with the individually adjustable pressure roller. It can be used to secure the thighs or lower legs according to preference.

effective training of the leg flexion muscles

  • The linear guide, which is fully enclosed, runs on ball bearings which makes it quiet and smooth running
  • Ideal access due to thanks to the narrow linear guide and grab handle on the tower
  • Optimum seat height of approximately 55 cm for orthopaedic patients
  • Setting possible from the training position
  • Individual shoulder support adjustment
  • Smallest weight increments
  • Adjustment mechanisms are ergonomically arranged
  • Curved footplate, ensures optimal power flow from foot to lower leg
  • Adjustable backrest


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  • Medical device Class I CE
  • Made in Germany
  • Concentric / eccentric workout
  • Compatible with software-based test and training system FREI GUIDE
  • Easy operation
  • Biomechanical adapted workout
  • Safe and controlled movements
  • Continuous development of equipment features
  • Classic timeless design
  • Line comprises 21 devices


  • Hydraulic weight plate damping –a FREI invention
  • Lordosis pad
  • Hand crank adjustment of the leg roll - recommended for comfortable operation
  • Automatic adjustment of the seat backrest in combination with analysis and training system
  • Movement limiter
  • Automatic adjustment of the seat backrest in combination with FREI GUIDE analysis and training system
  • FREI GUIDE analysis and training system
  • Also available as medical device class Im 0123, measuring technology included


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