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For over 15 years now, operating nationwide, E+S has delivered healthy solutions and ground-breaking concepts in the market of computer-assisted training therapy. E+S is a professional operation when it comes to corporate concepts, training and marketing for modern health centres.

Over 300 practices and clinics benefit from the consultancy that E+S provides. Here you are supported by the Genius training concept, delivering solutions for the individual design of your medical training therapy.

The E+S consulting team consists of specialists from the disciplines of medicine, sport science, physiotherapy and business administration.

You are looking for honest and well-founded advice on how to integrate training therapy in your practice, and are currently wondering:

  • Which measures should I introduce at my location to successfully introduce MTT?
  • How can I establish a second, stable source of income by providing 'medical device training'?
  • What kind of equipment do I need to put my ideas into practice, and why?
  • How can I gain the trust of doctors who write referrals?
  • How do I turn satisfied patients into regular, paying clients?
  • How can I find more time for myself and my interests?

Our partner, E+S Consulting, will be happy to provide you with qualified advice.


VfB Reha-Welt in Stuttgart

Rehabilitation - Prevention - Sport Medicine.

FREI AG has a very special partnership with the VfB Reha-Welt in the Carl Benz Center in Stuttgart. The patients, also the soccer professionals from VfB Stuttgart, have used the test and training equipment there for many years now. Each year the VfB Reha-Welt hosts a FREI AG in-house event, providing our guests with a unique glimpse into the work and procedures in place within this kind of professional facility.

The VfB Reha-Welt consists of an integrated doctor's practice, treatment rooms, office space, a mobility bath, an expansive MTT area and generously appointed grounds with a view over the soccer stadium, all spread over 18,300 sq. ft. The integrative concept at VfB Reha-Welt strives to create smooth boundaries between in-patient and outpatient treatment.

The MTT area is equipped with Genius Eco and Factum devices. Here, the Genius Coach training system to measure power and control training is a sensible addition. The equipment and the software provide the professionals with ideal support as they go about their work. The systems can be adjusted perfectly to treat professional soccer players and patients requiring rehabilitation.


Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

There is a strong bond of partnership between FREI AG and the Fresenius Idstein University of Applied Sciences. FREI AG supports a large number of projects at the university, which have produced important and interesting studies, especially in cooperation with Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Christian Haas.

With approximately 5000 students and vocational students, the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences is one of the most prestigious private-sector educational institutions in Germany. The range of courses offered here is tailored to meet the needs of the business sector and the job market.


Physiotherapy at the University Clinic Freiburg

Central Physiotherapy & College of Physiotherapy

We are thrilled at our many years of partnership with the Department of Physiotherapy at the University Clinic Freiburg. For some time now, FREI AG has supported the Central Physiotherapy and the College of Physiotherapy by providing products, planning and consultancy in a large number of projects.

Jörg Bohmann, Head of Physiotherapy, and Florian Sandeck, Director at the College of Physiotherapy, are convinced that this partnership has been worthwhile:

"We consciously select regional companies as partners. Our experience with FREI AG has been positive – a reliable partner with outstanding delivery schedules. We are pleased that FREI AG will continue to play a part in coming developments within physiotherapy."



An experienced FREI AG partner for running machines and accessories for sport, medicine, therapy and sport science!

h/p/cosmos has been synonymous with convincing technology, design and safety in the engineering and production of running machines since 1988.

Over this period, the Traunstein-based company has emerged as a German manufacturer specialised in running machines and systems in the fields of sport, medicine, therapy and science. Athletes and trainers, patients and physicians around the world are equally convinced by the features, precision and safety that the systems deliver.

The h/p/cosmos philosophy: Satisfaction isn't enough for us – we want you to be thrilled.



SPRINTEX represents the culmination of the company's immense experience in the area of slat-belt technology, acquired over the more than 15 years of operation.

SPRINTEX slat-belt treadmills were developed specifically for professional sport and rehabilitation, and are also used in the fitness and wellness sectors. Their special engineering means they produce a natural, easy movement pattern during running. In particular, the technology draws on the ergonomic role models found in nature to reproduce the most natural form of human movement – running – just like outside in the fresh air.


Academy for Manual Therapy Bockey & Neuer

The Academy for Manual Therapy Bockey & Neuer has successfully educated physiotherapists in the techniques to become qualified manual therapists for years now. This includes intense training in the fields of neuro-physiology, anatomy and pathology, aimed at effectively interpreting and using the information acquired from medical history.

"You will learn to examine and treat patients specifically and purposefully, and to provide interdisciplinary, successful therapy."

The education provided at the Bockey & Neuer Academy is wrapped up in a special, integral concept. Besides a wealth of information acquired by the lecturers in their work over many years, it also draws on influences from numerous areas of medicine.

From July 2014, in a cooperation with FREI AG, the academy will offer its course in the FREI AG premises in Kirchzarten.


A guarantor for quality in physiotherapy: diqp

Verifiable quality in physiotherapy is now more important than ever. After all, only around 800 of the approximately 60,000 practices in Germany are certified. For patients, certificates and qualifications are dependable criteria in deciding which practice to attend.  They are also lasting opportunities for owners to demonstrate their skills – besides confirming an acquisition of personal and technical expertise.

diqp (German Institute for Quality in Physiotherapy) awards more than just certificates according to ISO or other standards. Its concept is built on three pillars: Practice and technical analysis I Consulting and coaching I Science and research.

Gabriele Kiesling founded diqp in 2007. The physiotherapist with over 40 years of experience in her own practice has held neuro-orthopaedic seminars for physicians and physiotherapists, taught manual therapy and published a host of specialist articles. She was also a founding member in the German Association of Self-employed Physiotherapists (IFK). She now lives and works in Carinthia, Austria.