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FREI medical - Competence and quality for over 40 years

FREI has been synonymous with quality products from our own manufacturing division, with innovation, excellent consultancy and outstanding service for over 40 years.

FREI has grown to become one of the leading outfitters in the physiotherapy and fitness industries since 1976. Successful innovation and a commitment to treading new paths shape the company. Our broad product range provides everything needed for use in rehab and fitness.

From gymnastic balls, AIREX gymnastic mats and storage materials, to electro-therapy devices, ergo-bikes and treadmills and even therapy beds and medical training devices: physicians, therapists, fitness centres or health-conscious individuals will find everything they need here at FREI medical

FREI raises the bar with its in-house products, above all the therapy beds ARCUS®, THERA® and Taxxo®, also the training equipment in the GENIUS ECO® and Factum novus II lines. They blend perfect design with ideal practicality of use. The ARCUS therapy bed even received the Red Dot award for HIGH DESIGN QUALITY from Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in 1996; the GENIUS leg press also received this prestigious accolade in 1999. Last but not least, the Red Dot also went to the THERA treatment bed in 2002. Our treatment bed SOLITHERA has also received prestigious design awards in 2013 and 2014. To our satisfaction, the LUXXUM functional system has been awarded with the German Design Award in 2016 and with the Focus Open Design Award in 2017!

FREI medical offers innovative solutions for training optimization, training control and documentation. Especially for that purpose, FREI developed the GENIUS • COACH analysis and training system - a trainer with many talents in combination with the training devices of the FREI, or the Cardio • COACH to use for cardio training. The coach is already in its second generation, including all well-proven functions, which are continuously improved and supplemented. The chip egg serves as storage medium. This means that the data can be transmitted easily without networking.

In addition, FREI is characterized not only by the production of high-quality medical products but it also advises and supports its customers in business and market-specific matters. The consultations and trainings are conducted by the company’s own FREI Academy. The FREI Academy assists the customers right where they need targeted individual support in their planning. It advises new company founders, but also so-called extenders and existing clients in business and financial planning, creating their own performance catalogs including prices and it offers team training to optimize the course of practice. The FREI Academy with its experienced staff can find practicable paths for every customer and demonstrates practical measures.

With a workforce of over 60 employees, the team at FREI medical guarantees outstanding consultancy, technical expertise and reliable service.

We would be pleased to advise you – Your team at FREI medical

FREI AG - Ausstellung/exhibition
FREI AG - Ausstellung/exhibition
FREI AG - Ausstellung/exhibition