An outlook for the future: Company health management

We have focused for many years now on successfully establishing active measures designed to provide company health management. We can offer any company ideal solutions for its staff. Call on us to receive targeted, active and regular support in all questions relating to CHM measures.


What significance does preventative healthcare and the profitable deployment of its resources have in your company?

Our mobile training on four wheels allows small companies and firms with several branches in particular to offer health checks to their staff and to provide a training opportunity close to their place of work. An effective, extremely cost-effective measure.


Would you like to take measures to prevent absenteeism in your company due to back problems?

We can implement our concept as a permanent facility for company health management if you provide a room with at least 215 sq. ft. Scheduled training with expert instruction is just as self-evident as complementary test equipment to analyse the general state of health in your workforce. This solution can be seen as a strong hint; between 30 and 70 % of the workforce participate faithfully.


Is your company already doing enough to counteract our ageing society?

A permanent training facility (from 2150 sq. ft.), combined with physiotherapy services and current CHM measures for your staff, provides perfectly tailored healthcare services in large companies and leads to a positive boost in internal and external image. An integral solution for more motivated and healthier staff in the long run.

Are you interested? Do you have any questions? Here at FREI NORTH, you will find the experts you need to plan, install and implement integral healthcare concepts in your company.

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